Fish & Frog’s Pre-kindergarten Classes:

Fish – Ms. Shari and Ms. Tami

Frogs – Ms. Nancy and Ms. Tammy

Welcome to the Fish class (children whose 4th birthday falls between July 1 and December 31) and the Frog’s Class (children turning 5 between January 1 and June 30) Our Fish and Frogs classes have similar curriculums, as both are focused on pre-kindergarten education.  However, we have found that separating the classes into the “older” and “younger” allows for the necessary academic and social development differences that we see in these ages. Children may move from the Fish Class to the Frogs class, or to Kindergarten.

The Fish and Frog’s classes are designed to build confidence and independence in every child so that they are ready for Kindergarten. We accomplish this goal by providing a safe, warm and nurturing classroom environment. In addition to our academic focus, we place a strong daily focus on building social, communication, and problem-solving skills. Academics are focused on “center work”, with each providing a different experience such as, literacy, letter recognition and formation alongside phonemic awareness. By utilizing Handwriting without Tears, we encourage children to understand how letters are formed using both straight and curved lines. Our Math center is a based on number recognition and math concepts such as patterning, graphing and spatial awareness.  Additionally, we engage the children in our art centers where we are able to work in smaller groups that reflect our academic theme for the month.  Practicing fine motor skills and understanding how to follow instructions are a focal point.  Outdoor play and imaginary play in the classroom are another important part of our day providing opportunities for our Fish and Frogs to learn about self-control, problem-solving and independent decision-making. They expand their language use by communicating with their peers, and coming together for class story time, where introductory literary concepts are introduced. Reading aloud helps with rhyming and vocabulary expansion and helps your child create positive associations with books and reading.

All these various activities work in unison to not only build your child’s academic and social skills, but to provide the most fun and caring preschool experience for them. Conferences are offered twice a year, but questions and concerns, and open dialogue are encouraged throughout the year.