Roadrunners Class

Ms. Michelle and Ms. Dee

This preschool class is designed for children whose 4th birthday falls between January 1 and June 1.  The experience is divided into thematic units (ex. dinosaurs, all about me, shapes and colors) and by utilizing “center activities such as math, language, science, puzzles, books, play and art, we provide an environment that allows the students to choose an area of interest that best engages them.  Choosing is an important part of the early developmental decision making process.  Our comprehensive curriculum teaches the 38 early childhood goals from Gold Standard, and each goal is divided into a learning domain. In addition, Garner’s Multiple Intelligences, Creative Curriculum and Handwriting without Tears are used as well.  Outdoor play and imaginary play in the classroom are another important part of our day providing opportunities for our Roadrunners to learn about self-control, problem-solving and positive decision-making. Their language use further develops by communicating with their peers, and coming together for class story time, where fundamental literary concepts are introduced. Reading aloud helps with rhyming and encourages your child to create positive associations with books and reading. All these various activities work in unison to not only build your child’s academic and social skills, but to provide the most fun and caring preschool experience for them. Conferences are offered twice a year, but questions and concerns, and open dialogue are encouraged throughout the year.