Daily Devotions

Vocare: Hearing and Responding to God’s Word

Vocare is Pastor Steve’s daily devotional podcast that uses the extended readings of The Daily Texts. “Vocare” is a Latin word that means “to call or to summon”.

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The Daily Texts

Here at New Covenant Lutheran Church, we follow The Daily Texts of the Moravian Church in North America. We encourage our disciples to read the Daily Text each day in order to grow in our relationship with Christ through the reading of scripture and prayer. When we all read the Daily Text each day it unifies our study of scripture and our community centered on Jesus Christ.

You can purchase The Daily Text devotional book at the church office for $10. You can also sign up to receive The Daily Texts from the Moravian Church at The Daily Texts.

Daily Bible Reading

New Covenant Lutheran Church is part of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of America which provides a Daily Bible Reading to connect Lutherans across the United States. The Daily Bible Reading can be found here.