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Reading the Scripture is part of every worship service at New Covenant Lutheran Church.  A reader is needed at every service.  The Scripture is read by non-clergy and is provided ahead of time so that the reader can become familiar with what is to be read.  We will gladly assist with pronunciation of people and place names that are difficult.

If you are interested in reading the Scripture, click on the button below to sign up or contact the Church Office.


  • Prior to the worship service, read the Scripture to become familiar with it and identify any words that are unfamiliar.  Contact the Church Office or Pastor Steve if pronunciation help is desired.
  • Arrive 10 minutes prior to the worship service and ensure that a copy of the Scripture reading is on the lectern and in the correct order if it is multiple pages.  Ensure that the microphone is turned on and at the lectern.  Contact the Audio Visual person located at the rear of the sanctuary if there is a concern with the reading or the microphone.
  • Check the bulletin to find where the Scripture is being read in the order of service.  It is typically read following the Offering and before the Sermon.
  • Move towards the front of the sanctuary during the Offering so that you can move to the lectern immediately after the Offering.  You will not be announced or invited forward.
  • Before reading the Scripture, you will need to announce the Scripture you are reading.  For example if the Scripture reading is Luke 4:1-13, you would announce the Scripture reading as “The reading today is from Luke, Chapter 4, Verses 1-13.”
  • Leave the printout of the Scripture and the microphone on the lectern when you have finished.