The New Covenant Arts Academy (NCAA) offers in-person piano, voice, guitar, bass guitar, ukulele, drums and dance lessons for children and adults. Lessons are taught on a weekly basis in and take place at New Covenant Lutheran Church, Monday through Friday. Online lessons are also an option.

Lessons are categorized in Sessions.  A Session contains anywhere from 8-10 lessons.  There are four Sessions per school year as well as an optional summer session (June/July).  New students can start private lessons at any time during the session pending teacher availability.  Lesson tuition will be prorated accordingly. 

Whether your child is a complete beginner or someone who has had a little bit of music training, private lessons at the NCAA can provide the personal attention you need to grow.  We help them develop a strong path for musical progress so that they can reach their goals with success and confidence! 

Here are some questions to consider prior to starting your child’s or your private lesson experience.

  • Is there a quality keyboard, piano, guitar or ukulele to practice on between lessons?
  • Because practice is the ONLY way to progress, what kind of support for guided practice at home are you able to offer your child?  (One-on-one, minimal but some, none at all)

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