Because we are human, life gets complicated from time to time!  We like to be as understanding as possible when it comes to cancellations and rescheduling but we do ask you to kindly adhere to these policies.

  • There are no refunds for lessons missed by the student other than a family emergency.  Illness or other extra-curricular activity conflicts are not refundable.   However, one make up lesson per session is granted if a suitable time can be arranged by both the student and teacher. Please notify the teacher or Ms. Patti 24 hours in advance if at all possible.  Thank you!
  • In the event a teacher cancels a lesson and is not able to schedule a make-up lesson, a credit for the next session will be applied – or a refund can be given.

Here are some friendly reminders of what makes things run smoothly from week to week!

  • Please arrive on time or before with all books in a bag. Hint: Have your son or daughter get them ready the night before!
  • You’ve made the financial investment in your child’s musical education by offering them the gift of music lessons. Now let’s make the most of the experience by having them commit to a regular and uninterrupted practice time at least 5 days a week.  We cannot stress enough the importance of this!  Make it an extra-curricular priority.  Just as a sport requires attendance at practices and drill work at home, learning a musical instrument requires practice and practice makes PROGRESS.  Focus mostly on the frequency of practice time rather than the duration.
  • When possible, sit down to listen to them practice with your undivided attention. Offer frequent words of encouragement and praise.  Attend every recital and performance opportunity and encourage them to participate in school and community musical events.  Don’t let music lessons become “just one more activity”… make it clear that you deeply value music education!

What Should I Do If My Child Loses Interest?

‘Catching’ your child’s waning interest before it is too late helps prevent frustration and discouragement!  If your child is truly practicing and trying their best, continue to offer as much encouragement and support as possible.  Communicate with your teacher as there are teaching tools that we can apply to help your child get over the ‘hump’ – whether it is note-reading, rhythm awareness, or even knowing where to put their hands.

Why Should My Child Take Music Lessons Anyway?

Research shows the positive academic, social and emotional effects that music lessons stimulate.  Children learn the discipline of working hard and patiently attaining a goal as well as the rewards of bringing joy to others through sharing their gifts.  Most importantly, they become aware of God’s blessings of sight, sound, touch, beauty, and artistic expression through music!  And finally, I once read that if a person is blessed to live to be 90 years old they most likely will not be playing soccer, doing gymnastics, or dancing hip-hop, but they will probably still be able to play the piano J