Contact:  David Cole

The definition of an usher means ‘door keeper’, but in truth, New Covenant Lutheran Church greatly depends upon the many services our ushers provide.  Each usher has the opportunity to briefly impact new and existing worshipers and bring a reflection of our church as a whole.  With caring and attentive ushers, others feel welcome, comfortable and free to worship without interruption while the service flows in a proper order. 

If you are interested in ushering, contact David Cole.  David sends out an email once a month for ushers to indicate their availability. 

What an usher does

Two (2) ushers are needed for a service.

An usher arrives 20 minutes prior to the service.  During this time, an usher will welcome worshipers with a smile, hand out bulletins, provide directions to the restroom or Sunday School and assist the handicapped.  During the service, an usher will collect the offering, count attendance, direct worshipers for communion, assist the pastor as needed and collect bulletins from worshipers as they exit the sanctuary.  After the service, an usher will straighten up the Bibles in the sanctuary and pick up any stray bulletins left behind in the sanctuary.

An usher has the spirit and heart to look for ways to greet, serve and help others. 

If it is your first time ushering, you will be paired with a veteran usher for your first few times until you feel confident that you have your ushering legs under you.